Our columnist wades in on the latest row over her Geordie Shore pal's snaps, here's what Lauren has to say...

Our regular columnist Lauren Goodger stands by her friend after she received a backlash over snaps posted from his sister’s wedding.

Lauren tells us, ‘I feel sorry for Vicky Pattison at the moment. Trolls need to do one and leave her, and everyone else, alone. I can’t believe they criticised the wedding photo with her sister. Seriously, people, get a hobby! There are lots of two-faced, fake idiots in this industry but Vicky isn’t one of them. She wears her heart 
on her sleeve, she’s loyal and everyone saw that when she won I’m a Celeb. She’s always had my 
back. No-one deserves hate, but honestly, she is one person who really doesn’t and it’s just vile to do that to her on her sister’s big day. I love that 
she recorded that video 
to address it as she expresses herself well, but it’s sad she has to justify herself at all.’

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A new year and a new me – a lovely start to 2019 .. I spent a beautiful weekend at @champneysspas thank you so much for having me.. VIP treatment and will be back again soon! #relaxation #spa #metime #clearhead #2019

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Seeing a psychic

I’m feeling much better now my antibiotics have kicked in and my relaxing stay at Champneys Tring last weekend certainly helped. Healthy food and a few hours in the Jacuzzi does wonders for the soul! Then I went to Birmingham to see the amazing Brow Fairy – I’m growing them out and they’re getting mega bushy. I’m also having a reading with Jayne from the Psychic Sisters in Selfridges. They’re meant to be the best and have a three-month waiting list! I’m so into the spiritual and have seen psychics over the years, so we shall see. I’d love to do a ghost-hunting programme as 
I love to be scared. The adrenaline rush is fun!

Getting rid of my ex

I don’t even want to say his name here, but yes, I had a rant about my ex in a response to some moron on Instagram the other day. I shouldn’t have done it, it only gives them attention. I’ve also started the process of getting my ex’s name tattoo removed from my wrist this week and it felt good! I want all traces gone, I can’t be walking round with his name on me. People might laugh at me and say ‘Will she ever learn?’ Sadly, probably not! When I fall, I fall hard. I seem to go for boys that need reassurance and stamping their name on me seems to do the trick. I hope I’ve learnt my lesson, but I can’t promise! If anyone’s not happy with a tattoo, just get rid! It’s so easy.