The former TOWIE star has spoken exclusively to Now and blasted reports she tried to ruin Mark and Michelle's big day...

Lauren Goodger has hit back at ‘stupid’ reports she texted her ex-fiance Mark Wright on his wedding night and even wished him and his new wife Michelle Keegan ‘a lovely wedding day.’

Speaking exclusively to Now, Lauren said: ‘What a load of rubbish! I don’t even have his number and haven’t for
 years! And I’ve no desire to text him. Why would I? These stupid stories
 are so annoying and couldn’t be further from the truth. I wish them all
 the best and hope they had a lovely wedding and that’s that.’

It can’t be easy watching your ex of 10 years marry someone else, but then just days before Mark‘s wedding to Michelle, Lauren hit the headlines as reports suggested she was in competition with Michelle, jealous and even thinking about gatecrashing the showbiz wedding of the year, while she posted a number of intriguing pictures on her Instagram.

In her interview with Now Lauren explained one picture she posted that said: ‘It’s been one of those days
 for three years now,’ telling Now: ‘It was about some shit stories I’d read about myself. Isn’t it boring now? 
I think: “I’m changing­ why don’t you change with me?” Some people are 
writing old news.
 They read into it things that aren’t true and write lies about

She even insisted that she isn’t jealous of Michelle and is tired of reports suggesting she is in competition with Mark‘s wife, saying: ‘I’m not in competition with anyone. Don’t compare me to anyone cos I’m
 my own person.’

In her ONLY interview since losing two stone and dropping from a size 16 to 12, Lauren explains she’s finally moved on: ‘The past is in the past’, she’s not the girl people think she is and says she’s happier than ever being single and concentrating on herself.

‘The past is the past and you don’t go back. I always move forward,’ says Lauren. ‘I’m single. I want to be on my own for five minutes. I’ve kind of been on and off with my ex [Jake McLean, 26], but at the moment I’m in my zone and no one’s getting past that. Training and concentrating on myself is my priority. I feel free and comfortable in myself.’

The former TOWIE star also insisted that despite the ‘stupid’ reports, Mark getting married and being single for the first time since she was 15, she’s very happy.

‘I’m very settled and confident in my own skin now. I am happy, but I’ve
 always been quite happy. I’ve read things about myself in other magazines
 and websites and thought: “Oh God, people are going to think I’m bloody
 depressed!” But that’s never been the case. It doesn’t take a lot to make 
me happy.’

Watch Lauren’s exclusive video with Now here:

Read Lauren Goodger’s full interview in this week’s Now magazine dated 1 June 2015 – download the digital edition now!