Welcome to Lauren's world...

Now’s resident columnist Lauren Goodger tells us all about her Christmas plans and even a future career Stateside.

All I want for Christmas…

Santa, if you’re reading this, I’ve been a real good girl this year and for Christmas 
I would really like a new Louis Vuitton bag, some over-the-knee Fendi boots and I love Tom Ford make- up and perfume. Cheers, Santa baby!

And if someone can arrange for Jason Momoa to be under the mistletoe, that would be just great. Thanks.

Christmas Scrooge

I’m a bit of a bah humbug when it comes to Christmas. I love all the decorations, sequins, sparkles and the excuse to celebrate – don’t get me wrong – but I always find Christmas Day a bit hard.


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I think when I have my own family I’ll love it again! I will go overboard making it special for my kids. I’ll prob see family this year, and my niece and nephews.

I’ll maybe spend it at my dad’s but, to be honest, I’m also thinking about going abroad – I’m over the cold weather already! Dubai is amazing at Christmas, as they go so extra with all the amazing trees and decorations, it looks beautiful.

My busy week

This week, I went to my mate’s Prestige Pawnbrokers’ ( from Channel 4’s Posh Pawn) Loughton store opening. You might remember 
I appeared in the Christmas special a couple of years back, swapping my Chanel bag!

Next up, I was off to Liverpool for the launch of Dash restaurant and XOXO nightclub.

In the morning, I had a treatment called ZeroFat at Beyond MediSpa in Harvey Nichols, Liverpool. You exercise surrounded by infrared light therapy – apparently you can burn 800 cals in 45 minutes! I felt so revived afterwards.

New year, new me

I never make New Year’s resolutions. Well, my aim every year is simple – to be happy. I’m looking forward to a fresh start, a new year of opportunities – out with the old, in with the new and all that.

I live life very much in the moment! Although, saying that, I am planning my summer holiday already – thinking Marbella this year with the girls. It’s been a while and I know lots of people out there for events and stuff.

I’m also thinking about a trip to the US. I was put in touch, ages ago, with a producer out there who does loads of reality shows. They said that we should meet up when I’m out there… so I need to get out there!

I’d make the most of it and do LA, Miami etc. I’d love to do a calendar shoot on Muscle Beach as well. Watch this space!