Getting the glamour started early

Never is the phrase ‘it’s the thought that counts!’ more relevant than around the Christmas period, as millions around the world try their hardest to present their loved ones with gifts they’ll love.

But of course, not everyone can get it right every time – and according to some following Lauren Goodger’s social media feeds, she may be one who’s made a misstep this year, as she has been slammed for giving a glamorous gift to her young niece.

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The TOWIE star took to Instagram over the festive period, and shared a cute video of her niece, Ellie, receiving a present from her glam auntie Lauren – and for those expecting an unwrapping of some books, toys, or even a tablet, you’d be sorely mistaken.

Instead, Ellie unwrapped a Fendi handbag – and it’s clear to see she was pretty darn chuffed.

Clutching at the bag – which is said to cost at least £150 – young Ellie is seen smiling in the video, very impressed with her auntie Lauren’s purchase.

‘Oh it’s nice!’ she said, before Lauren, 30, chimes in to say: ‘How pretty is it? It’s lovely!’

‘Have you got anything to put in it?’ she asked Ellie, to which she didn’t have too much of a response – but we’re sure it won’t be long before she finds something!

Ellie's first Fendi (Instagram/laurenrosegoodger)

Ellie’s first Fendi (Instagram/laurenrosegoodger)

Though it’s clear Ellie’s quite satisfied with her gift, the fact that she’s so young and the owner of a designer handbag has rubbed some naysayers up the wrong way. And of course, some of them were upset enough to leave a comment to let her know.

‘Children don’t need to be fabulous they need to be children’, reads the disapproving comment of one, while another writes: ‘Buying a child a Designer Bag!? RIDICULOUS! Looks like you only did it to show off though? Why else FILM IT, & put it on here!?’

Another comment claims that Lauren’s choice of Christmas present serves as proof she’s not a mother yet: ‘Designer handbag at that age, clearly you don’t have kids!’

Harsh – especially seeing as she’s spoken out recently of her desire to start a family in the next year! However, plenty of the TOWIE lass’ fans were right on hand with encouraging words: one wrote back to a negative response ‘Corr ain’t people boring! Lovely little girl enjoying Christmas…people should keep their boring opinions to themselves’.

As long as the girl’s happy, shouldn’t that be the only thing that matters? A Fendi bag beats a lump of coal in her stocking, that’s for sure…