These women are sticking together!

Kym Marsh has been caught in a secret sex tape scandal after someone who is believed to be an ex-boyfriend attempted to sell an intimate video to several news outlets, but now a multitude of stars have offered their support to the Coronation Street actress – such as Lauren Goodger.

The former TOWIE star has offered advice to Kym after a six-second sex clip was leaked online in July 2014 – and encourages her to stay strong.

The 29-year-old wrote in her column for new! Magazine: ‘I heard that an ex of Kym Marsh is trying to sell a sex tape to a national newspaper. I went through something similar a couple of years ago, but iwas only a six-second clip, so it wasn’t much of a tape!

‘But I know how horrible it is to be in that situation. It says more about her ex than it does about her.

[GIF] Lauren Goodger


‘Not that Kym needs my advice, but if she speaks out and confronts it like I did, what can people say?

‘She’s got nothing to be ashamed of. She’s an adult, so what’s the big issue with her making a sex tape with a boyfriends? She’s not the first and won’t be the last.’

Kym’s private life is being threatened by a 57-second video, where the 40-year-old is said to be performing a sex act on an ex-boyfriend. However, the mum-of-three can’t give up too many details due to an ongoing police investigation.

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Other stars who have been threatened with sex leaks have come out in support of the actress, including Geordie Shore star Marnie Simpson.

Everyone’s sending one big message: stay strong Kym!

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