Lauren said she was 'in love' on Instagram, just a month after splitting from Jake McLean

It looks as though Lauren Goodger might have moved right through the ‘struggling to get out of bed’ and ‘eating ice cream in your pyjamas’ stages since her break-up with Jake McLean, and straight into the ‘get with someone else’ stage after the star revealed she was ‘in love’ in her latest Instagram post.

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The former TOWIE gal – who split from Jake for a second time last May – uploaded a selfie on Monday night that showed her looking happy and healthy (and also sporting an 80s-tastic high ponytail. We like!).

Cryptically captioning the snap, Lauren wrote: ‘You make me happy.’

She also added the hashtag ‘#inloveface’.

In love, you say? In love with who?

Who is this ‘you’ that’s making Lauren happy!?

So. Many. Questions.

Whilst we don’t know if a man is responsible for Lauren’s happy status, her fans we’re certainly pleased to see the star back to her best.

‘I just want to say you look really pretty in this pic,’ one sweet user wrote.

Another added: ‘Lauren you look great darling x’

However, talk quickly turned to Lauren’s lips, which are now filler-free after she had it all removed.

‘People have asked me why I’ve done it,’ Lauren today revealed in her New! magazine column. ’It’s because I wanted to look less puffy and slimmer in the face.

‘I feel my smile’s better too. I look so much better. I’m over the moon – I feel a lot classier and less fake.’

And her new look has been a hit with fans, with one posting: ‘Omg you look a million times better without the fillers! #cute.’

Another added: ‘You look stunning, so glad u had ur lips reduced, u are naturally beautiful. Gorgeous!’

We wonder if her mystery ‘love’ feels the same?