The TOWIE star has faced claims she could be editing her photos online

We all know Lauren Goodger is a huge fan of the selfie. Barely a day goes past that that girl doesn’t work her pout on Instagram.

But yesterday, Lauren came under fire from fans for Photoshopping an image of her in tan workout leggings and a matching crop top.

The image of the right appears to show a curve in the wall, indicating it may have been tweaked in a post photo edit.

One fan wrote: ‘She looks lovely but you can see she’s Photoshopped her legs to look skinnier by the fuzziness around them and how they’re bumpy.’

Another added: ‘She looks amazing so she shouldn’t have to do that.’ And one wrote: ‘Once again photoshopped with the curved wall . So sad just be yourself !’


Lauren was quick to respond to the claims, writing in the comments section: ‘Oh no the picture editing thing again but I left the left one original and edited the right one hmmm silly me I didn’t think to do both even though in the same picture. It’s called shadowing.’

Fans rushed to her defence, with one saying: ‘It’s not photoshop! It’s like people want to find fault’.

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Another said: ‘You literally have the most amazing figure Lauren!!! I have put some weight on over this past year due to stress and comfort eating got the better off me! January is the start to sort my act out and get back in shape! Your my celeb idol.. you have a women’s body and the curves are in the right places! I want a Lauren goodger bod!!!!! 🙂 sorry for the essay lol.’

Lauren Goodger fitness gif

And one fan pointed out: ‘So what if it’s Photoshopped?’ Who doesn’t Photoshop their pics these days?!’

We think you look great no matter what Lauren!