Lauren Goodger is already the one to watch on Celebrity Big Brother

She’s only been in the Celebrity Big Brother house for a few days, but Lauren ‘what have you done to your face’ Goodger has ALREADY set tongues wagging about a possible romance.

Last night the reality star was seen cosying up to Geordie Shore‘s Ricci Guarnaccio, encouraging him to grab her bottom.

Exact words? ‘Feel it, feel it!’

Ricci, who was once engaged to Geordie Shore co-star Vicky Pattison, was certainly quick to oblige.

With one man already wrapped around the Goodger finger, Lauren also worked her magic with Gogglebox‘s George Gilbey. ‘Do I look drunk? Do I look ugly?’ asked a tipsy Lauren.

Cue giggles, eyelash batting and some serious hair flicks. 

Forget Angelique ‘Frenchy’ Morgan, could Lauren be the house minx?

There were more than enough OMG moments in last night’s show…here are our top four:

1. Benefit Street star White Dee is hilarious

She might be one controversial lady but last night she provided some totally hilarious entertainment as she fooled the three US housemates Leslie Jordan, Frenchy and Gary Busey, into thinking she was a member of the Royal family, the Duchess of Solihull. Dahh-ling.

She fooled Frenchy into believing she shot a swan while out hunting with Prince Philip and Leslie could not have been more thrilled at Dee’s ‘drunk at Wills and Kate’s wedding’ porkie. #TV gold.

2. Lauren’s cutlery vanity

It was a blink and you’ll miss it moment when Lauren picked up her knife and slyly checked herself out. It’s clearly going to be a tough two weeks without her selfie camera.

3. Gary gets spiritual

Erm WHAT?! American actor, Gary Busey shocked housemates when he claimed that Patrick Swayze‘s ghost visited him just days before the show began.

Riiiiiiight. While George seemed fascinated, Strictly star James Jordan didn’t look convinced.

4. Has Leslie forgotten when he was born?

Leslie Jordan, how old ARE you? The 59-year-old Will And Grace star knocked four years off his actual age while chatting to boxing promoter Kellie Maloney.

Phew. Bring on tonight’s show.

Lucy Gornall

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