The former TOWIE star thinks there's too much pressure on girls

Lauren Goodger has opened up about how she fears for the younger generation of girls’ obsession with their weight – and how it’s effected her younger sisters.

The former TOWIE star admits that it’s much harder for girls these days, as there’s a much bigger focus on weight and ‘extreme diets’ than when she was younger.

Talking about how Josie Gibson spoke out about the pressures on today’s youth on Good Morning Britain, the 29-year-old said in her column for new! magazine: ‘I don’t think I even knew what a diet was when I was 12.

‘I’ve got younger sisters and, like Josie, I constantly worry about them. Don’t get me wrong, we did do diets when I was at school, but they weren’t as extreme as they are now.

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Lauren has her own fitness DVD, the OMG! Workout


‘And social media just makes the whole body image issue worse. My younger sisters are definitely aware of the weight battles I’ve been through and that scares me. They saw my transformation, but I had to be so careful about what I said and the way I said it when I was with them.

‘Like one day I might say, “I look fat,” and the next day be happy about the amount of weight I’d lost.

‘Kids shouldn’t be so aware of body image.’

Lauren Goodger has struggled with her weight recently. After a few supposedly unflattering paparazzi pictures were taken of the star, she’s been on a mission to get her body back to the shape it was on for her fitness DVD.

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She even wrote in the mag that: ‘They say you should stick a picture of someone who is your body idol on your fridge – me in my DVD is mine!’

We could all use a bit of positive inspiration from ourselves and not other people.