Ex-TOWIE star Lauren Goodger hits back at haters on Instagram with an X-rated quote

Just like Kim Kardashian is the selfie queen of America, Lauren Goodger is pretty much the pouty selfie queen over here in ol’ Blighty.

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With a new pic on the daily of her plumped up pout or on fleek brows, sadly, the 29-year-old gets her fair share of stick for her selfie posting, as well as double-tap likes.

And it seems like Lauren’s had it up to here – our hand if raised pretty high right now – with the flack she’s been getting. Enough is enough!

She hit back at haters with a bit of an X-rated – but hilairious – quote saying ‘Sorry, I don’t speak c**tanese’ (And no, it’s not Cantonese she’s talking about!)

As well as the tongue in cheek pic, she also let rip with how she felt about all the constant criticism over her snaps.

‘I find it so strange that some of you need to hate on pictures of me or anyone of course I no that I’ve over filtered my last post I have on purpose for the look I wanted – it’s like there isn’t that option on insta for you to do?!’

We feel you girl. When we’re having a bad skin day, the right filter can make the world of difference.

She goes on to share that she posts plenty of ‘normal pics’ opf herself, and some more edgy ones. At the end of the day, it is just a photo sharing app you know?

‘This is Instagram it’s fun and light hearted social media!’

True that Lauren – you tell them!

‘I don’t normally do this but guys you really got to get some self confidence and don’t feel need to be so hateful to me or anyone else’s photos I don’t know how you have time it doesn’t make you any better of a person just makes you show your ugly side!’

After her speech, Lauren let us all know that she’s going to keep on pouting until her heart’s content.

‘You know I don’t listen or take in anything negative from anyone that’s not my personality so I will keep pouting’

She then threw a Taylor Swift hashtag in there as well for good measure: #hatersgonahate

Shake it off Lauren, shake it off!

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