After Mark Wright’s twitter rant, Lauren addresses those comments once and for all

Oh, exes. They’re a tricky one aren’t they? And no-one knows this more than Lauren Goodger and Mark Wright.

Even though the TOWIE couple ended their 10 year relationship back in 2011, it seems like getting rid of your ex, isn’t as easy as just deleting them off Facebook for these two.

The war of words between these two has been on again, then off, and back on –we can’t keep up! There were the cryptic quotes Lauren was posting on Instagram,while Mark was gearing up to marry the sexiest woman in the world, Michelle Keegan last month. Then there was the string of tweets that 28-year-old Mark sent out telling his ex to stop embarrassing herself by constantly mentioning him and Michelle, and to respect his new wife. Ouch.

And the 28-year-old Essex girl has kept pretty quiet about THOSE tweets – not sure we would’ve been as calm about the whole thing – until now that is.

‘The quotes I’ve posted aren’t about Mark, they’re relevant to other things in my life, which I hope is clear now I can reveal that I’m officially back with Jake. I just wanted to keep that private until we were ready. I’m in love with someone else, so is Mark, and everyone needs to get over it.’

We’re imagining that Lauren is clicking her fingers in a sassy Z-formation while saying that.

Lauren puts her side of the story straight in her latest column in New! Magazine: ‘Frankly, it was embarrassing that those tweets were made when he was on his honeymoon.’

As for those accusations that Mark made about his ex making money off him by constantly mentioning him…

‘I’m not living off Mark for money. I have been offered numerous interviews to talk about him, particularly of late – all of which I have turned down. I only ever speak about him in my column to defend myself against stories which aren’t from me.’

And in case anyone accuses her of mentioning Mark, yet again:  ‘I only ever speak about him in my column to defend myself against stories which aren’t from me.’

But hold on, wasn’t Lauren mysteriously in Dubai, the same time that her ex and his new wife were on their honeymoon? Awkward…

Turns out that she wasn’t even holidaying in Dubai, but near Abu Dhabi, but merely has dinner with a friend there, along with now-not-ex-boyfriend, Jake McLean.

‘Jake booked it as a surprise and whisked me away. I was away with my boyfriend, having an amazing holiday.’

‘Yes, we did go to Dubai one evening for dinner with friends, but for goodness’ sake, last time I checked Dubai was a free for all!’

You know you’re doing ok in life when you have dinner by just popping over to Dubai for the night eh?

Although Lauren says she’s been ‘really reluctant to comment any further’ about the whole her and Mark thing, and only did it to ‘draw a line under the whole situatin, once and for all’, we don’t think this is the last we’ll hear about it.

Lauren Goodger confirms she’s back with ex Jake McLean after he brande her a ‘tramp’

Amy Lo