The former TOWIE star gets upset on live TV...

She’s been through hell and back with her turbulent love life, and Lauren Goodger could not hold back her tears as she broke down on today’s Loose Women.

The brunette beauty began sobbing because of the ‘strain’ of the media scrutiny.

The 30-year-old former TOWIE star confirmed this month that she had split with boyfriend Joey Morrison, saying she was “sick” of the constant rumours surrounding her love life.

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Speaking to the Loose Women, Lauren admitted the media pressure was too much after her “mentally draining” relationship ended.

She also denied claims made by a magazine that she wants a gastric band and claimed the media make her feel “massive” and have knocked her body confidence.

Lauren said: “I just feel under a lot of pressure at the minute. It’s just the relationship and the media, I can’t believe I’m crying. I just felt under a lot of strain. It’s knocked my confidence completely.”

“I don’t know why I’m crying. I just feel like if I can focus on me again and just come out of it all. I can’t get away from it, its all outside my house.”

A sympathetic Denise Van Outen suggested Lauren should get out of the media spotlight and admitted sometimes she can be “seen to be feeding the media”.

A defiant Lauren said it was impossible with paparazzi sitting outside her house and following her, but agreed to take on the advice.

Revealing the struggle between the media spotlight and earning a living, she said: “It’s kind of a battle. Do I continue what I’m doing to promote my business or do I forget it? I need to find where I’m happiest.”

Earlier in the show, Lauren revealed the agony of having to split with her jailbird boyfriend after discovering he wasn’t coming out of prison in November last year.

Lauren said: “Things were great. Then he got a setback, it put a strain on us. Because he won’t get out for another year now I can’t wait anymore.

“It was just too much pressure, me going out drinking, it was just too much pressure for both of us. It was a mutual agreement.

“It was very intense, mentally draining. Not bad mouthing him, but it’s hard, me and my job going out, it was a lot of strain for him. I just think for me now I need to focus on my career. For me, mentally, it’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever done.”

Lauren later went on Twitter to apologise for getting upset and thanked fans for their support, she tweeted: ‘So sorry for crying on @loosewomen I couldn’t get my words out what I wanted to say… I froze and felt very nervous ! But thanks for the support.. I’m only human and have a lot on at the minute with relationship work and other things! But feel much better now,’ followed by a crying with laughter emoji and a puckered up kiss.

Sending you BIG hugs Lauren!