The reality star reveals the real reason behind hEr departure on the ITVBe show.

She announced she was leaving TOWIE last month due to clashes between her filming schedule and business ventures, but now Lauren Pope has spoken out about why she’s really leaving the ITVBe show.

The 33-year-old, who’s been on the show since it began in 2010, told the Daily Mail: ‘I kind of had no mates left. The last series was not a fun series for me and I think the fun kind of went from TOWIE for me, and it made my decision a lot easier.’

She continued: ‘It was just starting to get too much. The decision is scary but I just had to go with what my gut was telling me at the time which was to move on.’
Lauren has confirmed that she will see out the current season – which is the show’s 16th – before making her exit to concentrate on her solo ventures including hair extension brand Hair Rebab London.
In a separate interview with The Mirror, Lauren confirmed that she’d fallen out with most of the TOWIE cast, saying: ‘They took the mick out of the way I look and did impressions of my face – stuff like that. I’d rather they picked on my personality because you can’t change the way you look.’
It’s been quite the year for TOWIE originals leaving to pursue independent projects, with Gemma Collins and Mario Falcone both leaving after the 15th season.
We can’t wait to see what Lauren does next. After all, she’s aready said she’d love to appear on I’m A Celebrity…