Leo feels the same as Jordan's first fiancé does about her ops

Katie Price’s ex Leandro Penna, 27, agrees with Warren Furman’s fears about Jordan.

Katie first fiancé Warren, 40 – better know as Ace from 90s TV show Gladiators – says she’s unrecognisable from the aspiring model he fell for and that she’s mutilated her body.

Leo believes Katie‘ll end up looking like a ‘freak’ if she has more ops.

Leo, who split with her in October, tells Now he begged her to quit surgery.

He adds that she risks ending up like Spain’s Duchess of Alba Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart, 86 – once one of Europe’s most beautiful women, but who’s since ruined her looks with cosmetic ops.

Leo says: ‘If Katie has more surgery, she’ll look like the Duchess of Alba – and she’s disfigured.

‘I told Katie she didn’t need operations and it’s natural to get older but once you have one, you want more.’

Read our exclusive interview with Warren Furman about Katie Price in Now magazine dated 7 January 2013 – out now!


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