Romina Brizzo enjoyed a passionate relationship with Katie Price's new boyfriend

Leandro Penna‘s ex girlfriend – the mother of his lovechild – doesn’t blame Katie Price for hooking up with the Argentinian model.

Romina Brizzo had an intense 3-month relationship with Leandro before falling pregnant with daughter Sofia, now 3. 

‘The sex was very good,’ admits Romina, 32.

‘We’d have sex 4 times a day, every day. He is addicted to sex.

‘He’s a natural. I understand why [Jordan] is with him.’

The couple didn’t use protection and despite Leandro, 25, telling her he wanted to be a young dad, when Romina announced that she was expecting, he changed.  

‘He came to the birth and I remember him looking really scared as he held Sofia,’ she recalls..

‘She doesn’t see him much – around 3 times a year.’

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