Alvaro Ferreyra says pal Leandro Penna has had enough of Jordan

Leandro Penna‘s best friend exclusively tells Now that he’s planning to ditch Katie Price because ‘she’s too moody’.

Alvaro Ferreyra, 27, met the glamour model, aka Jordan, during her recent trip to Argentina.

Leandro told me Katie is not so nice,’ he tells Now.

‘She treats everyone as slaves and is moody if she is not the centre of attention… He doesn’t respect that behaviour.

‘He also doesn’t like that she speaks badly of her former lovers’ sexual ability and the size of their manhood. He finds it embarrassing.’

But Alvaro says Leandro, 25, is no fool and knows exactly what he’s doing by dating Katie, 32.

Katie likes to be in control, but she’s never dated someone like Leandro,’ he adds.

‘Spend one night in a club in Buenos Aires and you’ll find girls who’ve seen just how ruthless he can be.

‘He has been happy to toe the line while his profile soars, but now he is planning his escape before she ditches him first. The player has been well and truly played.’

Read the full story about Leandro Penna and Katie Price in Now magazine dated 25 April 2011 – out now!

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