Couple were married for 25 years

Lenny Henry has revealed that he was the target of racist abuse when he got together with Dawn French.

The couple, who were married for 25 years before splitting in 2010, faced ignorant prejudice over their relationship.

‘I was not in danger of being lynched, although we did get some kind of weird mail from the Ku Klux Klan, and we did have sh*t smeared on our front door,’ says Lenny, 54.

‘And, also I was able to joke about it on television, so thanks, racists, I got paid to talk about it on Saturday Live.

‘There’s other mixed-race couples now, so I don’t have to wave that flag.

‘We did it for a long time and we didn’t do it because we wanted to make a statement, we did it because we loved each other.’

Dawn, 55, has since gone on to re-marry, tying the knot with charity executive Mark Bignell, 49, in April this year.

And Lenny says he’s pleased for his ex-wife, with whom he adopted daughter Billie, 20.

‘Now we coparent our daughter and we’re very happy,’ the comedian tells The Sunday Times Culture Magazine.

Dawn’s married now and that’s cool, I’m really glad for her.

‘The public aspect of it has been difficult, has it not? It’s the most difficult thing – but we’re both adults and we’re smart, I think.’

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