Actor crawls away from Bar Rafaeli's house

Leonardo DiCaprio had to ‘escape on all fours’ from lover Bar Rafaeli’s house.

Leo, 32, who is rumoured to be engaged to the 22-year-old Israeli model, visited Bar’s family ranch in March.

‘Their visit was a nightmare,’ Bar’s mother Tsipi tells Hello!. ‘They wanted to be discreet but 13 journalists coming back from a press conference were on the plane and told everybody.

‘When they landed there were paparazzi everywhere. Two helicopters from TV stations were constantly flying over the house.

‘We couldn’t hear each other, the house was surrounded by hundreds of photographers.

‘We had to escape on all fours and cut one of our neighbours’ fence wires. I don’t think Leo will be back.’

Just an average visit to the in-laws, eh?

Suzannah Ramsdale