Leonardo DiCaprio is tempted by clothes he loves

Leonardo DiCaprio likes to splash his cash here and there, but unlike stockbroker Jordan Belfort, his character in new movie The Wolf Of Wall Street, Lamborghinis and yachts aren’t his thing.

The actor’s more into his amazing wardrobe.

‘I’m not a big fancy car or private plane sort of person,’ says Leo, 39.

‘I don’t even have a huge amount of clothes, but I see a jacket and I already have one like it but the collar’s different or it’s fluffier or softer – I’ve got to have it.’

Leo does believe in treating those he loves, too. The first expensive thing he ever bought was a house for his mother.

‘Then I bought her a bigger one,’ he tells Hello!.

‘I also bought a Warhol. But my mom’s house cost more.’

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Sasha Hilton