They look just as loved up off Channel 5's cameras

Lewis Bloor and Marnie Simpson have defied critics who labeled their relationship as a ‘showmance’ by going on their first date outside of the Celebrity Big Brother house…

… To the bowling alley! To All Star Lanes, in London. Suppose it’s more romantic than a Nandos (looking at you Love Island cast).

And even then he didn’t let the Geordie Shore star win! But considering this form, we’re not sure the former TOWIE lad could manage to fake it.


The 26-year-old recently responded to critics who believed their relationship was fake. Speaking to new! Magazine, he said: ‘When you spend 24 hours a day with someone you can fall in love. No matter what happens on the outside, she made that experience for me ten times better.’

Just like every Essex boy, Lewis Bloor’s also happy that Marnie Simpson has his mum’s approval: ‘I’ve been single for a long time. I’ve had some difficult relationships in the past and I’ve tended to go for the wrong girl, so all she wants is for someone to love me for who I am, as opposed to this guy that’s been perceived on TV.

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‘I can’t wait to introduce her to my mum and the rest of the family.

Aww, good luck guys! Sure she’ll score a strike with the fam.