Who knew the CBB house was a breeding ground for true love?

When a couple is formed on reality TV, there’s always an element of scepticism from the public – after all, the term ‘showmance’ didn’t come out of nowhere…

However, Lewis Bloor has made it clear that despite starting on Celebrity Big Brother, his relationship with Marnie Simpson is anything but – and even said that should their romance last the test of time, he’ll be putting a ring on THAT finger!

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Speaking on Monday’s (22nd August) edition of Loose Women, the former TOWIE cast member told the panel all about how he’d been adjusting to the outside world without his Geordie Shore bae; and though it’s only been a matter of days, he’s missing her by his side.

‘It’s odd being without Marnie – we spent over 550 hours together. It was the world’s longest first date.’

Editorial Use Only Mandatory Credit: Photo by REX/Shutterstock (5826162ao) Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor 'Celebrity Big Brother' TV show, Elstree Studios, Hertfordshire, UK - 09 Aug 2016

Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor

But of course, everyone wanted to know how he really felt about her. Having been in dalliances with Sam Faiers and Chloe Lewis in the past, it seems that what he has with Marnie, 24, is different, admitting that it’s a ‘new feeling’, and that she has no need to worry about what he’s up to outside of the house.

‘When falling in love you’ve always got to have you guard up – you have to protect yourself but she is 100% she is my girlfriend and I am her boyfriend.

‘I feel like you have to trust the person you are with and I have told her she can 100% trust me and not to worry about me on outside the house.’

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And in terms of the future, there are some big plans in his mind. When panellist Lisa Riley asked about marriage and babies in the future, Lewis, 26, replied: ‘We’ll have to wait and see – getting this far and meeting someone is a bit of a result for me anyway.

‘I would love to still be with Marnie in five years time – I will be surprised if she didn’t have a ring on her finger if we are still together in five years time.’

Cute! Though he has high hopes for their relationship lasting, it’s clear that not everyone feels the same – in the house last week, the ever-opinionated Stephen Bear confessed that he didn’t see Lewnie still being an item in six months.

Will they make it? We’ll have to wait and see – but for now, let’s justhold on to some good news. We can’t wait to hear what Marnie has to say…