Driving around a track at high speeds? Hey, that’s just a sideline for Lewis Hamilton...

It’s easy to forget what Lewis Hamilton actually does for a day job. Is he a permanent FROW fixture on the fashion circuit, a style guru, a musician with rapper mates or the dinner party guest of choice for the world’s biggest supermodels?

Despite his jet-set lifestyle and more red carpet appearances than a Kardashian, Lewis, 30, is actually a sporting champion. But in recent months, particularly since his split from Nicole Scherzinger, could we have lost him to the glitz and glamour of the world of showbiz?

He’s a rapper!
‘Music’s one of the most important things in my life. It’s my escape,’ Lewis says. It seems he didn’t just build a studio in his home for his ex Nicole – during his downtime he can often be found there writing. His stellar music industry connections mean he’s being courted by Jay-Z’s label Roc Nation and Lewis recently boasted: ‘A collaboration with Drake is on the cards. We will release something at some point, but I’m just recording for fun at the moment.’ Drake!
He’s even been chatting about it with Rihanna, admitting: ‘I haven’t had the chance to play her my music, but earlier in the year she asked how it’s going.’ Lewis says he’d love someone else to sing his music, but it seems he’d quite like to be a big music star himself. He even jumped onstage at a NYFW party recently to perform one of his own tracks at 4.30am. And he gave it his heart and soul.

Big on screen
Lewis is also making a foray into film with a cameo in Zoolander 2 next year. His mate Owen Wilson got him the gig and he’s super-pumped about working with Ben Stiller. ‘I’m going to lose my shit when I see myself in a film with him,’ he says. But it isn’t Lewis’s first experience on the big screen – he voiced himself in Pixar’s Cars 2 in 2011.

Money, money, money
Lewis is ridiculously rich – so wealthy he lives in Monaco because it’s a tax haven. He’s estimated to already have a personal fortune of £88 million and has just signed a three-year £100 million mega-deal with Mercedes – which means he’ll be one of the world’s richest sports stars ever!

Girls, girls, girls
He’s been stepping out with some of the world’s most famous women since his on-off relationship with Nicole, 37, finally ended at the beginning of the year. He’s been linked to supermodel Gigi Hadid, catwalk queen Kendall Jenner, X Factor’s Rita Ora and most recently Rihanna. Who’s next? Looks like all the ladies love a bit of Lewis.

Hair scare
Hanging with the fash pack has clearly left Lewis wanting to be more expressive with his look, particularly his hair. He’s had cornrows, a short back and sides and gone practically bald, but his latest style – a dazzling bleach blond hue – is, frankly, ridiculous. ‘I don’t have any inspiration for my hair,’ he says. ‘I just like changing it and doing something different.’ Seriously, Lewis, if Justin Bieber can’t pull of the Draco Malfoy look, neither can you!

He’s SO fashion
Lewis is also eager to try out all manner of new clothes – whether that means rocking a pair of Saint Laurent leather trousers, wearing a Pharrell Williams-style Vivienne Westwood hat or going for geek chic with bizarre specs. As for bling, from the huge Graff diamonds in his ears to the ludicrous chains dangling from his neck, Lewis loves jewellery.

His Insta game is strong
He likes to update his 1.7million Instagram followers about his every move. Whether it’s wishing his ‘brother’ Swizz Beatz a happy birthday, posting behind-the- scenes snaps of a magazine photo shoot or posing alongside Nicki Minaj on the FROW, his pics show off his glitzy life in all its glory. He hangs out with even more celebs than we do!

Lostin showbiz? Yes, and loving it.