F1 McLaren driver triumphs at rain-drenched Silverstone

Lewis Hamilton was victorious at the British Grand Prix yesterday, despite the soggy conditions.

Critics who feared the young star, 23, was spending too much time partying with Pussycat Doll girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger and schmoozing with celebrity pals were silenced.

In his McLaren, Lewis led from the fourth lap and finished 1 minute 8.5 seconds ahead of runner-up Nick Heidfeld at Silverstone.

‘It is by far the best victory I’ve ever had,’ he told the crowd.

‘The conditions were bad and as I was driving I thought: If I win this, it will be the best race I’ve ever done.

‘On my last lap, I could see the crowd starting to rise to their feet, and I was just praying, praying, praying I could get the car round.’

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