Will Payno get the girl again?


Devastated Liam Payne has been desperately bombarding his ex Sophia Smith with ‘up to 50 messages a day begging for forgiveness’. The couple split in October, just hours after One Direction cancelled a show in Belfast amid rumours Liam had suffered a ‘mini-meltdown.’


But Now can reveal that Liam, 22, is doing everything he can to win back his childhood sweetheart and regrets dumping Sophia, 21, so much that he’s been spending all his time messaging her and saying how much he misses her.

Talking exclusively to Now, a source close to Liam reveals: ‘After his mini-meltdown in Belfast, all he can think about is Sophia and what a mess he’s made of everything. He’s been sending her 50 texts a day trying to soften her up and trying to convince her to give the relationship another shot.’

But our source adds that Liam’s bid to win her back isn’t working and his continued efforts aren’t enough to heal Sophia’s broken heart just yet, leaving him absolutely distraught at the thought they won’t be spending Christmas together. ‘Sophia’s still really angry and feels humiliated he ditched her out the blue like he did,’ says our source.

‘She’s been replying to his texts and told him she’ll meet up, but only when she’s ready. At the moment Sophia’s worried that Liam isn’t taking responsibility. She thinks he was very selfish and she wants to know that he won’t repeat the same mistakes and take her for granted again.’

Three in this relationship?
Liam’s other ex, beauty blogger Danielle Peazer – who split with him in May 2013 – sparked rumours they could reunite after she Snapchatted a picture of his pet turtle Boris. Danielle, 27, also Tweeted: ‘Publications offering me a job… then trying to make me talk about recent hardships of others. Keep your offer.’ Ooh…

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