'Since the day I met you, yeah, you swept me off my feet'

Liam Payne dropped his debut solo single today (Friday), becoming the fifth and final One Direction star to strike out on his own.

The new dad and Mr Cheryl Cole revealed his track Strip That Down on Nick Grimshaw’s Radio 1 Breakfast Show, unveiling a hip-hop inspired tune with a catchy chorus and a killer bassline.

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But on listening to the lyrics, we couldn’t help but wonder if Liam is giving a shoutout to his baby mama Cheryl!

The song, which Liam co-wrote with Ed Sheeran, tells the tale of his A-list life, filled with fast cars, glamorous parties and beautiful women – yet he is ‘hit hard’ by the love of one particular woman.

The second verse especially sees Liam getting all gushy about his lady love…

You know that since the day I met you

Yeah, you swept me off my feet

You know, that I don’t need no money

When your love is beside me

Yeah, you opened up my heart

And then you threw away the key

Girl, now it’s just you and me

And you don’t care ’bout, where I’ve been


Liam also sings ‘Girl, I love it when your body grinds on me’ – and only this week the 23 year old recounted how Chezza, 33, attempted to twerk for him whilst she was pregnant. Another tell-tale sign it’s about her?

Yet despite the song’s lovely-dovey sentiment, there are other lyrics which we wouldn’t be surprised if Cheryl – who gave birth to the couple’s first child, son Bear Grey, in March – is less than happy about. They include ‘When I walk inside the party, girls on me’ and ‘I just wanna have fun and get rowdy.’ Erm Liam, don’t forget you have a girlfriend and newborn baby at home!

But we needn’t worry, as Cheryl has already given the song her seal of approval, telling him on Twitter: ‘So proud of you babe.’

Listen to Liam Payne’s debut single Strip That Down featuring Quavo below – and let us know what you think on Twitter @CelebsNow!