We hope not!

Cheryl‘s relationship with Liam Payne has been going strong for months now, despite many nay-sayers claiming it wouldn’t last.

Despite the relationship coming straight out of her marriage to Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini, the singer have grown especially close, with sources close to the couple claiming they are ‘besotted’ and have ‘never been happier’.

But something soon could hit the brakes on their love train: location.

Liam Payne could be moving out to Hollywood to pursue his solo music career and Cheryl wants to stay in the UK.

Cheryl and Liam Payne


According to Inquisitr, the pair could be parting ways soon: ‘There is a chance that Cheryl could end up losing Liam Payne to Hollywood. This is especially likely since all of One direction has ended up buying property out there.’

But dry your eyes because there is some hope. One Direction’s “hiatus” has been rumoured to be permanent for months now. With most of the boys signing solo record deals, that seems especially likely.

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And Liam Payne has signed up with UK based label Capitol, so we imagine they’re not going to fire him off to America just yet. Though if he does want to work with the best talent, he might want to consider overseas.

However, since the ten year age gap and the differing career paths haven’t stopped their relationship, location could be the only thing that does.