But did he message her?

Liam Payne is no stranger to A-list women, having dated Cheryl Tweedy and most recently being linked to Naomi Campbell.

And he has now admitted that superstar J-Lo gave him her number!

Liam Payne

Speaking on Capital Breakfast, Liam told host Roman Kemp: ‘I was songwriting quite a lot and producing different things.


‘I rustled up about 40 songs that were just sat there and someone introduced me to someone that knew J-Lo and they were like: “Oh, do you want to come to her house?”

‘So I was like: “Sure!” It was the most gorgeous house I’ve ever seen and she came and met us at the door.’

He added: ‘We sat in this little studio shed in the back and I played her a load of songs and she started dancing and I was sat on the chair like: “What the hell is wrong with my life?”

‘When I was leaving she was like “Oh take my number.”‘

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And when host Vick Hope asked Liam what he saved her number as, he replied: ‘Jenny from the block, what else?’

But despite taking her number, Liam – who says he’s ‘happy’ with new girlfriend Maya Henry – says he never actually messaged the singer.

Someone else who is a fan of Liam’s music is his two-year-old son he shares with Cheryl, Bear.

When asked who he plays his songs to first, Liam replied: ‘Usually my son. I mean, he’s so funny with music and different tunes that come on.

‘The thing is now we’re into the real nursery rhyme era – the censored stuff, because now he can pick up on everything, it has to be super careful.

‘But he used to be into rap music. I’d be listening to a song and I’m like: “I can’t believe I’m letting him listen to it and he’s having a really good time!”‘

‘But I miss the rap music era when he was just bobbing around the house to Drake and stuff.’

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