Oh Chiam, a new surprise every day

Watching this video of Liam PayneOne Direction singer and general superstar – getting rejected by his own girlfriend, Cheryl must restore your faith in humanity.

Liam accompanied the Geordie singer to Rihanna‘s concert in Las Vegas, and as the two stars stood in the crowd, Liam felt overwhelmed with compassion. He just wanted to kiss his girlfriend; a light peck. And Cheryl didn’t even turn her head.

How does one of the most famous boyband members on the planet not get a kiss?

It’s Rihanna. Rihanna stopped him.


The timing was completely wrong for him. He chose the worst song – Rihanna’s classic anthem for drunk 18-year-olds walking down the high street on a Saturday night, ‘B*tch Better Have My Money’.

Liam Payne Cheryl Rejection gif

Singing that song will make anyone feel like a superhero and Cheryl, empowered by Rihanna’s vague demands for an unspecified amount of currency, couldn’t deal with the romance. In that moment Cheryl wasn’t a cute singer from Newcastle, but international gangsta. So she brushed him off.

And in that moment Liam became every single British man in the country. As an adoring fan filmed, Liam, crestfallen, looked off into the distance. He shuffled on two feet. He rubbed his face and Cheryl just danced on.

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Their relationship isn’t in trouble and this proves nothing but, behind the millions of pounds, the thousands of girls who fancy him, and the musical acclaim, he can be rejected because his girlfriend is too busy listening to an absolute banger.

That is why this is the best video ever.