The One Direction star's been hitting the gym - what do you think?


When a celebrity decides to take a bit of a break from social media, their fans tend to get a little impatient. But the Directioners can now rest easy, because after a five-week break, Liam Payne’s returned to appearing on his own Instagram profile – and he’s done so with a new look!

Though Liam’s been active on his account as recently as last week, more than a month has passed since Cheryl’s man shared a picture of himself on his own page. However, he ended the drought on Wednesday morning with one of the most classic of pictures – a gym selfie.

Time for gym #hashtag

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‘Time for gym #hashtag’, the 23-year-old One Direction star captioned the snap. And fans have wasted no time in showing their appreciation for his reappearance.

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‘My eyes have been blessed’, reads one comment in particular…

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However, something that’s difficult to ignore about the picture is how slim his face is looking – can anyone say cheekbones?!

Liam’s always been a fan favourite, but this slimmed-down look seems to be going down particularly well. He’s addressed his weight concerns in the past, telling Attitude magazine in September 2015:

‘There was a time a while back when I was actually doing very well in polls for the sexiest man. But then I started drinking a lot and I began to get a bit tubbier and I wasn’t popular in those polls any more.’

‘In fact, because of that I was getting fat jibes all the time, which hurt me.’

GIF cheryl cryingAww, Liam – we love you no matter what size you are!