Survive festivals the Lilah Parsons way…

Lilah Parsons is pretty much one of the coolest people ever. She’s a model, MTV presenter and DJ, so should therefore be pretty damn intimidating, right? Wrong… she’s super sweet and chatting to Now about embarrassing herself in front of Tulisa, ‘stalking’ Cressida Bonas, and how stay looking amazing at festivals…

Lilah, you have such an exciting job, but have you ever frozen in front of a celeb while interviewing them?
Yes, my first ever interview was with Tulisa. Yeah, she was fine. It was me, I had only been presenting for a month or something. I had never interviewed anyone in my life. It’s an unnatural environment, you’re sitting on stools with loads of lights on you, and loads of people and cameras. Obviously, the more you do it, the more relaxed you get. I hope that I’m getting better! I was terrified. I couldn’t help but tell her half-way through [nervous voice] ‘It’s my first ever interview!’ She was like, ‘Awww!’ and gave me the biggest hug! So sweet.

What’s your favourite part of your job?
I just really enjoy meeting new people, getting out and about. I had the new girl Neon Jungle on my MTV show the other day. It was really fun, really good to get to know them, we just had a girly chat, delving into their handbags, bringing out one essential item which was hilarious. Asami brought out a Peparami – the one in the green packaging. She says she eats, like, eight a day. She can’t go anywhere without them. She had, like, a bumper pack of Peperami! All the things you can’t live without – she has this spicy sausage.

Amazing! You also get to go to a lot of festivals and stay looking really fresh – what are you makeup secrets?
I keep my makeup quite basic at festivals. I like doing lots of slicky black eyes with the eyeliner. It took me a while to master it, but I really like it and I’m getting a lot better now.

What do you keep in your makeup bag?
Some sun cream, some Bourgeois Healthy Mix foundation, some powder from No 7, black eyeliner, black kohl eyeliner, mascara. Maybe some eyeshadow.

What are your style must-haves for festival season?
I live in my Converse. Obviously if it’s raining and muddy, you just need wellies – there’s no point faffing with anything else. When I was in the Virgin Media Louder Lounge at V Festival last year, I stayed in my Converse, some really cool Slouchy Boyfriend jeans and a T-shirt, and a vintage leather jacket. I think the jeans were from Misguided.

And how about style no-no’s?
I do think it’s a bit silly when you see people wearing wellies when it’s completely dry – I was at Wireless this year and it was completely dry. I was there in T-shirt, skirt and Converse but I saw some girls wearing some bright pink wellies. I was like, ‘Ugh! You don’t need those!’ Maybe they were just being really well-prepared.

Who is your festival style idol?
Cressida Bonas – she has that whole relaxed thing going on. She’s one of those people like Kate Moss, who can carry stuff off and make it look very cool. I’m going to sound like her stalker, but I saw her backstage at Glastonbury. Never met her but I caught a glimpse of her. She was wearing this really simple thing – like a baggy Hooters T-shirt and maybe she had some cool sunnies, some wellies, dungarees. Keeping it casual but she looks effortlessly cool. I also really enjoyed what Lily Allen wears at the moment – I think she looks brilliant. I’m not sure I can pull it off -she looks out there. The hair that she has this summer – it’s insane. I love dungarees – I’ve got some really cute ones from Guess.

What are your festival survival tips?
My flatmate who is a seasoned festival goer doesn’t take a smartphone, she takes her super old Nokia phone because the battery lasts for like, five days. She never has the ‘Agh! Our phones have run out again!’ worry like the rest of us. She also just uses a disposable camera which I love – they’re so much fun. Last year at V Festival, I kept taking loads, I remember my friend saying to me, ‘Lilah, you’re never going to see these again. You’re going to lose these – it’s just a waste’. Six months later, I finally got them developed and was like, ‘Ha! See!’ I have all these pictures of us in the Louder Lounge in the bath, with rubber ducks and snorkels.

You can catch Lilah looking stylish (and maybe with plastic doves) at Virgin Media Louder Lounge and Virgin Media Our House at this year’s forthcoming V Festival!

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