Uh-oh! Things got very emosh in the Ex On The Beach villa when Gaz Beadle's ex Lillie Lexie Gregg turned up...

Ex On The Beach 504 | Lillie’s Heartbreak Over Gaz
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It’s never easy coming face-to-face with an ex, but you’ve got to spare a thought for Lillie Lexie Gregg after she found herself in Thailand, sitting next to her former boyfriend of one and a half years, Gaz Beadletrying to hold back the tears.

The pair dramatically called it quits in November 2015 – he dumped her at the airport (AWKS) – and after that, the pair hadn’t spoken, seen each other, or messaged for FIVE months.

Then, she walked out of the sea and joined Gary in the Ex On The Beach villa.

And while we like to think of Lillie as one tough cookie, she sadly found herself in tears as she explained to the other contestants why she wanted an explanation from Gaz.

‘I’ve never ever, in my entire life, loved someone like I loved him,’ she choked.  ‘That was the person I wanted to marry. I’ve never ever had the same feeling like I had for him, I worshipped him.’


She then explained to the girls how she had spent five months dealing with a barrage of hate from fans and people who didn’t know her, and how she had come on the show to get an explanation from Gaz about why he walked away.

‘Since we split up, I’ve not text him. I’ve not Tweeted about him. I’ve not sold a story on him,’ she said. ‘But I’m not weak […] I just want an explanation.’

Obviously, this all became pretty awkward for Olivia who had been sleeping in Gaz’s bed and kissing him before Lillie turned up and also for Jemma-Lucy, who slept with Gaz and who was supposed to be pretty good mates with Lillie.

Gaz, however, didn’t find it easy either. When she arrived on the beach, he shed a few tears too.


He clearly wasn’t that cut up though, as he made no attempt to win her back and it was in fact CBB winner, Stephen Bear, who ended up with her.

Gaz was also with Charlotte Crosby at the time too.

If you remember, Bear went into the CBB house promising to stay faithful to Lillie. He didn’t though. He romped with glamour model Chloe Khan instead!

[GIF] Chloe Khan Stepehn Bear

Poor Lillie.

We think you need to walk away from these reality TV numpties once and for all, girl!

Ex on the Beach continues Tuesday 6th September at 10pm, only on MTV.