She will definitely have a few words to share...

Ohhh boy, if you were Stephen Bear (and may the Reality TV Gods never let that happen), there’s one person you don’t want to see again: your (now ex) girlfriend Lillie Lexie Gregg. Well hard luck buddy, because it looks like she’s walking into the Celebrity Big Brother house in TONIGHT’S (17th August) episode!

Now this is something the country needs to see.

Celebrity Big Brother have dropped the big hint on their Twitter, sharing a picture of Stephen Bear and the reflection of Lillie behind him. He’s also got doughnuts on his head but who even knows why he does anything.

And they’ve captioned the Tweet: ‘There’s a surprise visitor here to see Bear! Wonder how he’ll react…’


How HE’LL react? What’s more important is what SHE’LL do. You know, after he hooked up with Chloe Khan despite being in a relationship with Lillie on the outside. Like seriously, did he even mention Lillie while he was snogging Chloe?

Celebrity Big Brother: Chloe Khan and Stephen Bear Lillie Lexie Gregg

Distinctly not thinking about his girlfriend [Channel 5]

She’s repeatedly spoken out against the Ex On the Beach star since. Earlier this week she said that she felt ‘humiliated’ that he’d cheated on her in live TV – and that she never wanted to see him again.

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We are definitely in for some massive fireworks. Love Island‘s Sophie Gradon – who, during her time on her reality show, knows a thing or two about explosive arguments – simply tweeted: ‘#cantwatch’.

Yeah, we #cantwatch either. We definitely will though. There’s also rumblings that Marnie Simpson’s cousin Sophie Kasaei will enter the house to confront Lewis Bloor. Oh boy. Popcorn at the ready…