Paramedics called after Lily Allen passes out after partying hard at Glastonbury

Uh oh! Lily Allen had to be treated by paramedics after she was found collapsed on the grass at Glastonbury, according to reports.

After she seemed to pass out on the ground in the VIP area, Lily’s worried friends apparently picked her up and carefully put her on the back seat of a car as festival security guards called paramedics.

According to The Sun on Sunday, an onlooker said, ‘She was out of it, she didn’t know where she was.’ And the paper reports Lily was in such a state her ‘eyes rolled in her her head’.

‘She went outside to sit on the grass. Gradually she bent over, then slid forward to lie down in the grass,’ an eye witness told the paper. ‘Lily wasn’t responding. Her friends started to get worried and called the security guards over. Paramedics arrived within 10 minutes.’

The incident lasted about 45 minutes but Lily didn’t require hospital treatment according to the paper.

Mum of two Lily, 30, was reportedly semi-conscious as she was wrapped in a foil blanket and given her oxygen. Then husband Sam Cooper drove her away.

The Smile singer was partying hard with mates at Glastonbury. She had spent time dressed in a giant inflatable willy costume and accidently singed her eyebrows on a camping stove during her Glasto partying.

Lily, who gave up hard partying when she got married to Sam and had their daughters, Ethel, three, and Marnie, two, and moved to the country, has spoken openly about her past drug use.

She revealed she started experimenting with drugs aged just 13-years-old.

‘Glasto ’98 was the first time I ever took drugs, so it was pretty incredible. Not that drugs ae good, but if you do them in moderation then they’re fine,’ Lily’s said in the past.

In 2006, Lily said, ‘I got stuck in a K-hole in The Glade at Glastonbury about three years ago. It was the biggest nightmare of my entire life. Nothing actually happens. You’re just sitting there going mental in your own brain, but you can’t move your body at all. It’s like being trapped in our own body.’

Lily has yet to speak about the reports herself but simply tweeted: ‘X x.’

A spokesman for Lily told the newspaper: ‘She is totally fine and had a great Glastonbury.’