Star went on a teenage spending spree in department store

Lily Allen has revealed how she swiped her mum Alison’s plastic to go on a spending spree when she was 18.

The 21-year-old admits: ‘I was a bit of a kleptomaniac back then. I went around Harvey Nichols with my mum’s credit card.

‘I got a £900 Marc Jacobs handbag. She made me pay it all back.’

If that wasn’t enough, the wayward Ms Allen confesses to the Daily Mirror: ‘I also put all my parking tickets on my mum’s card – £6,500 worth. I had to pay that all back too.’

Lily was expelled from her school more than once, and had a stint in rehab. But she says she has seen the error of her ways and advises any wannabe tearaways: ‘If you’ve been bad, own up to it. Don’t dig a deeper hole for yourself.’

With a No 1 single and album under her belt, surely these days Lily can buy all the Marc Jacobs bags she wants.