She talks throughout Madge’s presentation at GQ Men Of The Year Awards

Lily Allen was in a boisterous mood at the GQ Men Of The Year Awards last night – she heckled Madonna as she presented a gong.

Madge, 49, made a surprise appearance to present interior designer pal David Collins with the Inspiration Award.

But loudmouth Lily, 22, couldn’t stop talking throughout Madonna’s 6-minute speech.

‘Lily was being rude and loud, she was chatting all of the way through and it was painfully obvious,’ an onlooker tells the Daily Mail.

‘At first nobody noticed but then it was evident what she was doing — even Madge gave her a look.’

Lily was then reportedly ordered to go home by her label bosses.

‘It was felt best that she left there before any real trouble started,’ adds the source.

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