But singer finds addicts boring


Lily Allen admits she experimented with illegal substances as a teenager, but she’s currently clean and sober and hopes to stay that way.

‘Drugs are illegal and bad and they ruin people’s lives but they’re pretty prominent,’ says Lily.

‘I have no intention of taking drugs again at the moment. But I can’t say “never again”, because I don’t know where I’ll be in 10 years’ time. And I will definitely drink in the future, just not for a while.’

Lily, 23, says she’s surrounded by acquaintances who are hooked on narcotics.

‘A lot of people I know are drug addicts,’ she tells the Observer Music Monthly. ‘They’re not much fun, because they’ll just talk at you very loudly about things you don’t feel nearly as passionate about…

‘There’s also a lot of self-delusion. I was in the toilet, a long time ago, with this person when they said, “I’ve been clean for nearly 10 years.” And I’m like, “What do you think we’re doing here?”’

Preeti Das