She’s burnt out from nonstop touring and nights out


The Top Of The Pops Christmas special should have capped an amazing year of music success for Lily Allen. But it wasn’t to be.

On the morning of the show’s recording on 16 December, she cancelled due to illness, despite being seen the night before partying at Sir Elton John‘s annual Winter Ball at London’s Grosvenor Hotel.

Lily, 24, also cancelled a Mencap gig on 17 December, blaming a severe sore throat. Friends fear she’s risking burnout by going out despite recent bouts of laryngitis and bronchitis.

One pal tells Now: ‘She hasn’t stopped touring all year and her body’s taken a battering. She’s on antibiotics, but still enjoys a drink. So her body doesn’t have chance to get better. The nights out and illnesses are taking their toll.’

Lily‘s performance with Take That for Children In Need in November was marred when she took a tumble backstage. She hobbled on in agony, admitting: ‘My foot is not alright.’

At least her love life is providing some comfort as her five-month relationship with builder Sam Cooper is 
still going strong.

Our source adds: ‘It’s a good job she has Sam. He’s remarkably level-headed, dependable and not at all showbiz-like. Without him, she’d have already hit the self-destruct button.’

In December, Lily revealed she’s quitting the music scene for ‘at least one or two years’ to launch her own record label and boutique store Lucy In Disguise with her sister Sarah.

There were signs of her disillusionment with the music business in September when she said she’d never record again as a protest against illegal downloading. She said on her blog: ‘I haven’t renegotiated my record contract and have no plans 
to make another record.’

Our source says: ‘Lily‘s had therapy in the past for her personal issues, so she could benefit from this kind of help again.’

Lily‘s spokesman says: ‘She has a recurring throat infection.’

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