The singer comes from a showbiz family


Lily Allen wouldn’t stop her daughters from following in her performer footsteps.

The straight-talking singer – who shot to fame when her debut single Smile topped the charts in 2006 – isn’t against Ethel, 3, and Marnie, 1, going into the music industry if they wish.

‘I don’t mind if they want to – I just want them to be happy,’ says Lily, 29.

‘People shouldn’t be steered to do anything unless they want to do [it], and as a parent you should encourage them.’

While Lily Allen‘s husband Sam Cooper works as a builder and decorator, the girls seem to have picked up on their mum’s career as one of them has already started belting out tunes.

‘My nanny Sam – who gets called Ham because of my husband – told me my eldest said to her, “Ham, you sit there, I’m going to do a show and sing a song,”‘ the mum-of-two reveals.

‘I was like, “Oh God!”‘

The children don’t necessarily like hanging out with their famous mother when she’s working though.

‘My kids get bored after five minutes when they come to work with me,’ admits Lily.

‘They’d rather go to the zoo.’

Will Lily Allen‘s daughters be pop stars one day? Showbiz certainly seems to run in the family – Lily’s dad is actor Keith Allen, her mum is film producer Alison Owen and her brother Alfie is also an actor.

Despite his daughter’s musical success, Keith Allen confessed last year that he was unimpressed by many of today’s artists.

The controversial star – who had a hit himself back in 1998 with Fat Les’s football anthem Vindaloo – thinks several acts aren’t overly talented.

‘One Direction prove you can generate success from anything,’ the former hell-raiser previously told The New Review.

‘Write your press pack, work on your PR and you can do whatever.

‘I mean, really, you only have to look at Atomic Kitten to realise a lot of these bands can’t even sing a note!’

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