She says she's not obsessed with her looks

Lily Allen says most celebrities are way too concerned about their image – and she doesn’t buy into that way of thinking.

‘On the whole I don’t go for the whole “opening of an envelope” thing,’ says the Smile singer.

‘The whole Big Brother, reality TV, plastic surgery, nice hair cut, fake tan thing is just something I don’t want to be involved in, in any way, shape or form.’

But the 22-year-old is considering making more of an effort for the paparazzi waiting outside her home.

‘I probably should learn how to make myself look a little bit better as I leave the house,’ Lily tells Pop magazine.

‘I know full well there’s going to be pictures of me with my flab hanging out the edge of my tracksuit bottoms or whatever.

‘But the more people like me do that, then the more fake and awful this world is gonna become.’

Suzannah Ramsdale