Singer won't juggle singing and motherhood


Lily Allen would give up her career to start a family.

The singer, who miscarried ex-boyfriend Ed Simons’ baby this year, won’t be a working mum.

‘What I really want out of my life is to have children,’ she says.

‘I don’t think I want to be doing this at the same time as that.

‘I certainly wouldn’t want to mix the two. But I do enjoy it.’

Lily, 23, who flashed her bum at the Matthew Freud Christmas party on Friday, thinks she’s grown up a lot.

‘My mates are in a totally different place,’ she tells The Sun. ‘They are still all into going out and dancing and taking drugs.

‘I hang out with much older people, I go for dinners at posh places and talk about art!

‘I find that my life was sort of lacking in friends. I’m meeting more interesting people who tax my brain.’

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