But singer says she’s changing


Lily Allen denies always being inebriated.

The singer jokes that these days she only get half-cut ‘most of the time’.

When Lily, 23, first became famous, she regularly climbed on stage feeling drunk.

‘That was the overbearing feeling last time [after first hit Smile],’ she admits.

‘Just drunkenness. But now I take it a bit more seriously, I can’t say what it feels like because it’s a completely different feeling wherever you are.’

Lily prefers to hang out with ‘older’ ordinary people, rather than other celebrities, but still can’t go shopping or for a coffee without being followed by paparazzi.

‘The small pleasures in life are completely eradicated because you’ve got these f**king w**kers with cameras following you everywhere,’ she she tells OK!.

‘I can’t live like that for much longer. It just does my head in.’