Singer is a lot happier with her life


Lily Allen is thrilled that she’s managed to lose weight.

The singer admits she binges on junk food when she’s depressed.

‘The only reason I’ve lost weight is because I comfort eat when I’m not very happy,’ she explains. ‘The last two years, even though I had a lot of success with my first record, I was caning it, getting so drunk.

‘I was on tour with people I didn’t know and I was all around the world working really hard and was really confused and lonely. I was sitting in hotel rooms ordering chips. ‘

Lily, 23, insists she’s feeling better about herself now.

‘I am a lot happier about things and I’m excited about my new record,’ she tells The Sun. ‘People are being nice in the press and everything feels good so I’m probably not thinking about eating all the time.’

Lily’s new album It’s Not Me, It’s You is out on 9 February.