Singer slates socialite's music

Lily Allen has slated Paris Hilton and the Size Zero gang in one hilarious rant.

Talented Lily, who’s new single LDN is out this week, had a go at the heiress – and scrawny catwalk models – at the launch of 3FrontRoom in London on Monday.

She told the Daily Mirror: ‘People like Paris are useless. She’s hideously untalented. Her music is auto-tuned. You can hear it. I know because my sister saw her in Ibiza and said it was the worst thing she had ever heard.

‘I worked for two and a half years writing my album. I find it hideous that she’s come in and not worked for it at all.’

But Lily didn’t stop there and her next target was the skinny brigade. She said: ‘Someone said it’s important that models are skinny as it makes them different from other people and therefore draws attention to the clothes – but that’s just bull****.’