The singer gives up heaving drinking and smoking to have a baby with Sam


Now that Lily Allen‘s quitting music, she’s trying for a baby.

After her ‘binge drinking’ final tour of Australia in January, the singer and her boyfriend Sam Cooper have settled down and hope to be expecting soon.

‘She has a few music commitments over the summer and she’s promised to do the Wireless Festival with Jay-Z, but she doesn’t see why she can’t do all of that while pregnant,’ says our source.

‘She’s hoping things happen for them quickly and she’s been reading tons about the right food to eat when you’re trying to conceive.’

Lily, 24, suffered a miscarriage in 2008 with ex-boyfriend Ed Simons and sources say both she and Sam, 26, are hoping things go smoothly this time.

‘She’s really cut down on her drinking,’ says our source.

‘She’s virtually stopped smoking and is making sure she has plenty of fruit and veg and smoothies every day.

‘When she fell pregnant before it was a complete shock. 

‘So this time she wants to make sure her body’s in as good a condition as possible 
to support a pregnancy.’

An insider close to the couple says wedding plans are on hold for now, with both of them preferring to start a family first: ‘Lily says as long as her and Sam can provide a child with a loving, stable family life, that’s what’s important.

‘They’re both excited about becoming parents – she’d love to be expecting by Christmas.’ 

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