Songstress Lily Allen has revealed she penned Something's Not Right in memory of her baby boy who died following a miscarriage in 2010


Lily Allen has revealed the song she wrote for her late baby boy following a heartbreaking miscarriage as the fifth anniversary of his death approaches.

The Hard Out Here singer shared with her fans that she penned Something’s Not Right, the song she wrote for the film Pan, in memory of the baby she sadly lost at six months pregnant in 2010.

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Posting on Twitter last night, Lily wrote: ‘5 years ago today I was admitted to hospital. 4 days later I delivered a beautiful baby boy, but sadly he didn’t make it.

‘It’s unlike me to discuss this sort of thing so publicly but I wrote this song in his memory when writing something for @panmovie.’

Sharing a link to the song on YouTube, Lily added: ‘Please listen and if you fancy it, you could donate in his memory Much love, lil x’

She also links to stillborn and neo-natal death charity Sands, asking her followers to donate in her late son’s memory should they wish.

Lily’s heartache at the tragic death of her baby boy is clear in the hauntingly beautiful song, with the chorus including the lyrics: ‘Something’s not right / Cause I know that it’s day but it’s dark outside / And I feel a weight in my heart tonight.’

The baby was Lily’s first with now-husband Sam Cooper, and happily the couple have gone on to welcome two more children into the world, daughters Ethel, four, and Marine, two.

Last year, Lily opened up about the devastating miscarriage – which occurred after she contracted a viral infection – telling The Sun on Sunday: ‘I nearly died. But I was numb and I didn’t care. I’d just lost my baby and that is a reflection of how numb I was.”

She added: ‘It’s not something that you get over. I held my child and it was really horrific and painful – one of the hardest things that can happen to a person.

‘I was overwhelmed by what an incredibly unlucky thing it was to happen. But I had this man standing by my side, who I knew was going to be with me for the rest of my life.’