The singer hits the stage for her final show before becoming a mum


Lily Allen‘s transformation from wild child to mum-to-be is almost complete after the 25-year-old pregnant star took to the stage for what’s likely to be her last performance for the next five years.

Hitting the stage for the first time since announcing her pregnancy last week, glowing Lily made sure fans knew she was still able to perform at The Big Chill in Herefordshire.

There’s a rumour going round that I’ve cancelled tonight’s gig @thebigchill,’ she wrote on Twitter.

I haven’t. I’m here!’

Already sporting a healthy pregnancy glow, Lily shunned the party scene to relax with boyfriend Sam Cooper, 32, and her dog Mabel before she took to the stage for her headlining set.

Looking casual and comfy in skinny jeans and a baggy check shirt, it seems the noticeably fuller-faced star has given her revealing bodysuits and slinky dresses the flick.

Excuse my casual attire, but I’m pregnant and this is called The Big Chill,’ she told the crowd.

I packed high heels, but my boyfriend unpacked them.

‘He told me I’m not wearing high heels on stage.

‘So that explains the jeans and lumberjack look.’

Lily later Tweeted: In my dressing room, drinking ginger beer.’

It’s an enormous turnaround for the provocative star, who often enjoyed a cheeky cigarette and glass of wine on stage.

But after announcing her retirement last September, only to be coaxed back on stage at the Wireless Festival with Jay-Z last month, Lily admits she’s determined to take a break.

Clearly content with her impending motherhood, she’s revealed that she’s happy to put her career on hold for her family.

I’d want to be really hands-on for the first two or three years of having a little one.

‘I don’t want to leave them,’ she said.

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