Lily Allen's been snapped with ex boyfriend Seb Chew in New York...

Can you really stay friends with an ex? Well, it looks like Lily Allencertainly can!

She’s been spotted out with ex Seb Chew again this week. And it seems rarely a week goes by without the pair being seen out together.

Lily‘s been married to her husband
Sam Cooper for three years but is often photographed hanging out with ex Seb.

And earlier this week, Seb was snapped pushing Lily’s daughter in a pram in New
York. And we’re guessing the pics led to some raised eyebrows.

Lily, 29, and Seb
dated for two years, splitting in August 2007 when she started seeing Chemical
DJ Ed Simons.

According to
reports, their affair re-ignited briefly when Lily and Ed split before the
singer got together and married Sam. The couple retreated to the Cotswolds and Lily decided to become a full time mum to
daughters Ethel, two and Marnie, one.

When Lily performed her first comeback gig a year ago, Seb Chew was there. And
we can’t help but notice he’s been by her side pretty much all the time
ever since.

Riding the media
storm as speculation mounted about Lily’s marriage to Sam hitting rocky ground,
music scout Seb even accompanied the mum of two on her US tour supporting Miley
and also countless festivals and gigs over the summer this year.

Seb was there when
she got teary and stressed after performing ten gigs in two weeks, no doubt
exhausted by constant promo across the globe.

As a man who knows
the music industry inside out their continued friendship has obviously been a
little business as well as pleasure. We bet Seb’s been a dab hand at dealing
with technical issues while she’s on tour. A kind of best friend/manager and
roadie rolled into one. And of course, always a shoulder to cry on.

We are huge defenders of Lily as a working wife and mother
juggling to fit it all in just like every hard grafting mum we know. She needs
all the help she can get and Seb’s obviously been hugely instrumental during her
comeback this year.

But Lily‘s not
helped calm the specualtion storm about her private life by being her usual outspoken self, taking off her wedding
ring on occasion and tweeting *Waves goodbye to life* after discovering dating app Tinder.

Only a few days ago Lily told Now about how hubby Sam may fail to
notice she’s dyed her hair bright purple?! WTF?

Lily admitted to Now that she ‘doesn’t give a f**k’
what her builder beau thinks telling our fashion team: ‘He prefers me natural – he
hates the colour! He’s like: “Midlife crisis!” But sometimes I don’t
think he notices to be honest.’


Sofia Zagzoule

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