Singer is frustrated she can't be in America

Lily Allen has set the record straight about her ‘dig’ at rival Amy Winehouse at the V Festival.

During her weekend performance, the singer raised a glass on stage to her chart rival, 23, who’s been in and out of rehab.

But now Lily claims the gesture was just her way of ‘showing support’.

‘I’ve been around enough substance abuse and alcoholism to know that it’s a serious matter, and not to be taken lightly,’ she writes on her MySpace page.

And Lily, 22, also denies claims that she is anti-American after taking a pop at George Bush during her V set.

‘Just because I hate George Bush doesn’t mean I hate America,’ she writes, ‘quite the opposite.

‘I think the US is a great place and I am really sad that I can’t be there for my commitments scheduled for the near future.’