Lil claims the seven-year ordeal has left her a 'changed person', feeling isolated from friends and family


Lily Allen has revealed how a stalker who terrorised her for seven years broke into her bedroom, ripped off her duvet and called her a ‘f***ing b*tch.’

The singer also claimed that police dismissed the incident – which left her fearing for her children’s safety – when she reported it.

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The star first became aware of the stalker when he set up a Twitter profile in 2009, using the user name @lilyallenRIP.

Recalling the terrifying event in October last year, Lils told The Observer how she was awoken in the early hours by a loud banging on the wall.

‘I sat up and looked and the door handle was twisting round,’ she said.

‘This guy came steaming in and I didn’t know who he was. I recoiled and he ripped the duvet off, calling me a ‘f***ing b*tch’ and yelling about where his dad is.’

She also said the man had an object stuffed inside his jacket that Lily is convinced was a knife.

Thankfully, Lily’s friend was able to force the man out of the house as the worried singer ran to check on her kids.

Chillingly, she added: ‘There was this second outside my kids’ room when I was terrified to go in, in case of what I might find.’

But when she reported the incident to the police, Lils says they dismissed the intruder, saying he was probably someone who had stumbled into the wrong flat after too booze.

She went on to say that authorities only responded properly when the stalker stole her handbag, adding: ‘This was something that started in 2009 with a tweet and ended in 2015 with him in my house and, I believe, with a weapon.

‘I’m lucky in that I had the money and the motivation to take action myself. I want answers from the police. If they treat me like this, how the hell are they going to treat everyone else?