Rivals fight over Timbaland

Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan allegedly got into a huge row yesterday over US producer Timbaland.

The heiress, 26, and the Mean Girls star, 21, are both said to be vying to work with the 35-year-old music mogul.

Lindsay wasn’t too pleased to see her rival Paris turn up to Timbaland’s exclusive pre-Grammys bash.

‘What the hell is that bitch doing here?’ Lindsay is reported to have said. ‘I didn’t know she was on the list.’

Paris is said to have hit back: ‘F*** off you bitch.’

‘Both of them want to work with Timbaland to revive their music careers,’ a source tells the Daily Mirror. ‘Both saw the party as an ideal way of getting him on side – but they didn’t count on the other being there.’

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